Saturday, October 15, 2011

PDA- Parental Display of Affection

What is it that makes kids feel grossed out whenever mom and dad show each other affection? It never fails, whenever me and Adam hug and/or kiss, our boys are ready to vomit. Our four year old says all the time "that's gross." But why do they find that repulsing?

Our daughter has never (verbalized) a problem with it. But the boys, you'd think we were picking each other's nose or licking morning slime out of the corner of each other's eyes.

I know that it's pretty common for kids to be grossed out by parental display of affection, but why?

I didn't grow up in a two parent home. Matter of fact, I didn't grow up in a one parent home. I was raised by my grandmother, but was in contact with my mom regularly. I did meet my father when I was very young, but I don't remember one thing about him other than his name.

I'm trying to understand why children who see parents being loving towards each other react as if their parents were kissing cousins or worst, kissing siblings? (That would indeed deserve a gag reflex).

I didn't experience this as a youngsta growing up, so I'm a little lost on how parental display of affection (at least at home) became uncool to kids. I mean, how many generations has this war on PDA been going on with our youth? And how long does it last? Will they no longer find it disgusting when they are in their 20's? 30's? 40's? Should we amp it up a lil as a way of desensitizing them to it?

Sometimes Adam likes to provoke a reaction out of Micah (4). He'll come grab me in a bear hug and say "I got'cho mama!!" Micah will then try to break up the PDA or he'll just go into another part of the house mumbling about how he don't have time for this.

Malachi (14), on the other hand, will make the lemon face and say "ugh!"

I wonder if they would appreciate our PDA a lil more if we fussed and argued all the time? Think we should try it out and see?

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